Monday, May 7, 2012

Windows 8 - Refresh Excerpt

There has been some interesting things recently about Windows 8 Forensics and the research being done.I have cleaned up some of my research that I have been doing for my up coming talks and am publishing as short excerpt here. Since the information is longer than a normal blog, I have uploaded it as a PDF here.

Feed back and questions are welcomed. I will be updating this with my final research thesis, and slides as new information and understand comes about. 

Thank you.. 


Windows 8 introduces two new options for system recovery, these options are: Refresh Points and System Recovery. Within Refresh Point there are two options; you can utilize the default refresh point or a custom refresh point.

Both Refresh options can be utilized by Windows 8 to remove malicious files and corrupted entries into the operating system. When using Refresh it is important to understand that the operating system creates a Recovery Image that makes a backup of the Windows System Files. For the default recover these Windows System Files are from when Windows 8 was first installed. When the Custom Refresh option is used than the Windows System Files are from the date that the Custom Refresh was created, the Custom Refresh also will contain the desktop applications that you have installed. Refresh Images DO NOT contain your Metro-style apps, documents, personal settings or user profiles, this is because that information is preserved at the time you refresh your PC.

The System Recover option in Windows 8 will return the Operating system back to the factory default. While using the System Recover there will be options on Using Recover with Multiple Drives, and how personal files are removed. 

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