Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Path to a Lethal Forensicator

This is what I want to achieve, this is what my goal is for my career. This is what a Lethal Forensicator is:
The Coin is designed to be awarded to those who demonstrate exceptional talent, contributions, or helps to lead in the digital forensics profession and community. The Coin is meant to be an honor to receive it; it is also intended to be rare. Those who join the Lethal Forensicators Unit will have all privileges and recognition.
These lethal forensicators who earn the Coin can detect and eradicate advanced threats in their organizations. Those that hold the coin have been properly trained incident responders or investigators and might be the only defense your organization has left in place during a compromise or a complex digital investigation. These analysts know what they are up against and continually strive to further not only their knowledge, but also the knowledge of the entire digital forensics field. They actively share their experience and encourage learning through participation in the community. They stay ahead by constantly seeking new knowledge and experience. Often, they are the leaders in the digital forensics and incident response community.
Special recognition has been created for those that have exhibited the qualities described above. We need something that recognizes leadership, talent, and expertise in the digital forensics field. The SANS Institute Lethal Forensicator Coin is one way the SANS Institute recognizes those in the field that deserve special recognition and a thank you for their continued efforts.

The path for this journey is not going to be easy. It will require a multitude of sacrifices not only for me but for my family. It requires that my focus for the next 10 years will be to improve my skills, my talents, and my offering for the Digital Forensic field. I am willing to make these sacrifices, and I know that my family supports my decision to do this. 

The first step on our journey is for me to build out some deficiencies in my skill set, and to develop new skills that are required to be a Lethal Forensicator. This means that I will be building out an ESX box to host multiple machines and run Digital Forensics against infections to build up my Incident Response and Forensics skills. I will also be attending Iowa State University to pursue my MS in Information Assurance. Last year I attended a week long training for Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, not the best training i ever had. I realized over the last few weeks that while the class is lacking it can be a stepping stone in my certifications for gaining this experience. 

I also start my first semester for my Masters on August 22nd, my classes include digital forensics and network protocols, should be an easy and fun semester. I will also be attending GFIRST and taking all the forensics tracks I can take. Over the next 24 months my concentration will be in learning everything I can for this. 

Once graduation happens the biggest sacrifice of all comes into play. There is limited opportunities in the midwest for digital forensics.. the best market location in the US is the Washington DC area.... that means there is a potential sacrifice of moving my family away from everyone we know, the place we call home and make a new go at it, so I can follow my dreams..... 

In these two years I can also stalk the few companies that I am interested in working for them and target my skill sets for them, and get to know their elite staff, so that when I do apply I know that it will be a great fit....

I love my family.. 

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