Friday, July 15, 2011

Foundations in Security

I have taken a few days off from writing this because I have received word back on the application that I submitted, while I had a good feeling that I was not going to meet all the requirements I still felt I needed to try. The company I applied with is one that I would consider a leader in the industry, it doesn’t hurt that 3 of the people I would give almost anything to work for or with was currently with the company when I applied.
I have looked over the rejection letter and determined what I needed to work on to improve my chances at getting to work with this company, or if things happen the way they usually do a company that one of these three idols work for.
The next two years will include the following training:
  • Masters of Science in Information Assurance
  • Perl Scripting
  • Unix Administration 
  • Windows Administration
  • Experience with forensic image collection and analysis (Helix, SIFT)
  • Backtrack
  • Public Speaking abilities
  • Deeper understanding of network protocols
  • SANS 408/508 Certification

I will also be asking those InfoSec Guru’s that I follow for other advice on what Skill sets that they feel are important in the field. I will include that here, in hopes that other future forensicators find it useful. 


  1. Hi Ken,

    Could you help to advise some online Master of Information Assurance programs?


  2. Duyvh, that is not something I have looked into. I realized my last year of undergrad I was not a fan of online classes. Since I feel a big part of understanding digital forensics is being able to utilize the tools in a physical environment I chose to only look at local universities.

    From people I have talked to, and the research I have done, I think would be a good option. Of course some of the major US universities offer online programs. Iowa State University, which I doing a hybrid offers both online and onsite learning.

  3. Thanks Ken,

    Hope to keep contact with you on the way to Information Security.

    I don't live in United State, so now the online programs are good option for me.